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What if you could have all the resources, tools, and support every business needs to succeed — right at your fingertips? 

Your Customized Startup Roadmap

We provide you with structured interactive applications that help you start, build, market, and scale your business.


It is a “learn while you earn” model where you get access to what works while creating and building your own businesses.

We give you a dashboard that tracks your progress, gives you feedback and direction

and your own business roadmap that helps you launch, run, and grow your startup.


You get access to premium tools,

business counseling & support,

and resources that are



and practical.

“It’s the boring stuff that matters the most.”

- Eric Ries, “The Lean Startup”

We want to help you launch your business. 

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Our mission is to be the most intelligent and user friendly business support platform on the Internet.

SmartStart was built and designed for:


From Startup to Success

How does SmartStart work for Small Business?

SmartStart is a membership based business platform that provides user friendly supportive pathways for launching, running, and growing your company. We provide personalized business direction with video based tutorials aimed at helping small business owners “learn on the job”. We provide the right tools, resources and guidance so that you don't waste time setting up your business.

We take the guesswork out of building your company foundation so you can focus on growing your business and making sales...

StartUp Smart

The Startup Roadmap – a step-by-step interactive pathway for you to get all your business basics set up right from the start including business name, registering a domain, LLC, filing documents, EIN number, business model validation, marketing, and brand development - all simple, easy and SMART!

Designed To Grow With You

 You get a dashboard that helps you access and control all the backend details of your business – and it’s smart too because it gives you current information about what needs to be done -  think of it as your personal assistant – ready whenever you are.

Stellar Support

Membership in SmartStart includes one hour of business consultation with a professional Business Advisor. Tech support is available through email, FAQs, and video tutorials. Private consulting and assistance is provided on an hourly basis for members only. 

Business Advisors

Create private accounts for your clients
Guide clients through business formation and creation
Offer additional consulting services and advising

Think of us as your personal business mentor -

ready when you are!

SmartStart is a Community

We make it easy for members to share information and resources
Members can sell their services to one another - like eBay for business
Scholarships for worthy business ideas that promote social change

Each of you is an incredible resource! 

Access Economic Happiness...

with SmartStart

Your Success is Our Mission

We provide you a professional foundation to achieve your business, marketing and communications goals. You are freed up to concentrate on building your business, connecting with customers, and making money.

Business Community

SmartStart is a meeting place for entrepreneurs to connect and exchange information.  It also provides you a venue for selling custom professional services including photography, marketing, writing, design, creative work and more...

Marketing Consulting

We provide expert custom consultation to help you grow and succeed!

The web is full of economic opportunities for you to try out new businesses, seek out new target markets, and expand your selling base. 

Believe in Yourself...

We do!


The best place to start is where you are today.

Sign up for a free consultation with one of our qualified business consultants:

  • Discuss your goals and vision for your business
  • Explore your challenges and needs
  • Plan for expanding your business and connecting with more buyers

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